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Online Courses In Social Media and Inbound Marketing

The ability to use social media to regularly engage people, build an audience and express your personality is becoming an essential digital skill for everyone. It can help buy real active instagram followers you find a job because it shows businesses and organizations a window into your personality, interests and how savvy you are with new social technologies. If you’re interested in improving your social media skills or building a career in social media these online courses and certifications can help you learn the ropes. The demand for people with “social media marketing” skills has risen 47% in the past year and is projected to continue growing at a fast clip as more business move marketing spending from paid advertising into content marketing and social media engagement. Where social media really becomes valuable in a business context is when you can use these social networks to raise brand awareness and also get new customers, leads and sales for a business. This is where inbound marketing comes in. Inbound marketing is about creating and sharing valuable content designed to appeal to customers and attract qualified prospects to a business.

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Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Training Program and Certification

Inbound marketing pioneer Hubspot offers an excellent free Inbound Marketing Certification Program. While the course is aimed at people in digital marketing and social media industries, buy instagram real followers anyone can improve their knowledge of inbound and content marketing by following the 11 free classes and completing the reading assignments and optional homework assignments. You can watch the videos at your own pace and when you complete all the courses you can take an Inbound Marketing Certification Exam to get a certificate from Hubspot. The courses was recently re-designed and updated for 2015!

Flickr - Optimizing Hotel Social Media Photos

Make your business discoverable through image search. Milestone will set up and optimize your Flickr account to increase traffic to the hotel's website and make the business appear buy your instagram followers in image searches. Flickr is a photo sharing website by Yahoo. We have seen tremendous results from sharing photos through Flickr. Tagging of the photos under the correct categories also assists with search engine optimization, resulting in not only clicks from the photo-sharing websites but also from increased rankings in search engines.

YouTube - Search Optimized Online Videos for Hotels

Search optimized online videos are one of the fastest growing forms of media on the Internet: make sure your videos are findable through video search. The online video developed for search engines is vastly different from the standard videos. Ensure your videos are search optimized. Learn more about Milestone's YouTube optimization Twitter and other social channels - Gain total channel saturation by setting up Twitter and other social channels. Ensure consumers find your business no matter where they search online.

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